Shedrow Construction

Shedrow siding is tongue &
groove rough-sawn pine
board or 29 gauge metal.

6x6 pressure treated
lumber foundation.
2x4 SPF roof rafters
and plywood sheathing
4x4 & 2x4 oak framing.

1x8 Interior oak 4' high
kick boards are standard.

25 year asphalt shingled
roof or 29 gauge metal.

1-4 Stalls depending on
barn size. One window
and guard, vents and a
dutch door are standard.

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-Windy Hill Sheds
-Lancaster County, PA

Shed Row (Stall Barns)

Customized Options Include:
Dividers, 6" or 12" Higher Building, Weathervane, Cupola, Electrical
or Insulation Package, Drop Vents, Extra Doors or Windows, and Architectural Shingles. A tack room can be substituted for a stall at
no extra cost unless extra dividers and doors are added.
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Click on an image for larger view.
Metal 12X24 Stall barn Wood 12X36 Stall barn Metal 10X28 Stall barn

#SB 201-12X24 Metal
Shedrow with Metal
Roof and Dutch Doors 

#SB 202-12X36 Wood
Shedrow with Dutch Drs Cedar Stained

#SB 203-10X28 Metal
Shedrow - Dutch Drs
& Center Tack Room

Wood 10X18 Stall barn Stall barn Wood 12X36 Stall barn

#SB 204-10X18 Wood
Shedrow with Metal Roof and Tack Room

#SB 205-10X30 Metal
Shedrow with Dutch Drs
6' Tack Room

#SB 206-10x24 Metal
Shedrow with an
6' Overhang

Metal 12X34 Stall barn Metal 10X44 Stall barn Inside Stall  of Stall barn
#SB 207-12X34 Metal
Shedrow with
6' Center Tack Room
#SB 208-10X44 Metal
with Tack Room
and 10' Overhang

#SB 209-12X48 Metal
Shedrow with Dutch Drs
and 10 Ft. Overhang

12' x 24' Metal Shed Row-4 Stalls  Two Dutch Doors 10X26 with Tack Stall barn 12X36 Wood  Stall barn

#SB 210-12X24 Metal
Shedrow - Dutch Doors
Red and Tan

#SB 211-10X26 Wood
Shedrow-Cozy Brown Tack Room & Porch

#SB 212-12X36 Wood Unstained Shedrow
12' Storage-Back View

10x28 Metal Shedrow with tack and 2 stalls Wood 12X36 Stall barn 12' x 80' Wood Shed Row-6 Stalls 10' Overhang 10' Tack & Storage
#SB 213-10X28 Metal
Shedrow - 4' Cen. Tack
and Two 10X12 Stalls
#SB 214-12X36 Wood
Shedrow - Cedar Stain
and 10' Overhang 
#SB 215-12x80 Wood
Shedrow-Pine & Shingles
10' Overhang-6 stalls.


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