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We build custom structures of the highest quality in the Eastern United States.

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Windy Hill Sheds and Barns

We are a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania company serving the Eastern United States.  Windy Hill Sheds and Barns has manufactured large modular barns, pole barns, run-in barns, shedrow barns and hay feeders for equine customers in many states. We also build storage barns and garages.

We deliver sheds already assembled and or in modular form for large horse barns which are finished on site. We can also build on your site from start to finish.

Our wide experience assures that we get the job done right!  Excellent Quality Service and Competitive Rates. Our commitment to quality and to service excellence is unrivaled in our area. Please call us today to request information or to discuss your project. (717-284-3803)

Small structure delivery options!  We come to you.

Whether we custom build your structure at our workshop or build a large barn on your property, we will come to you.  Our service area is the Eastern US, covering many states, but not limited to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

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    Pole Barns

    Classic style and function.
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    Run-In Sheds

    Equine / Livestock
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    Large Barns

    Modular Large Barns
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    Shedrow Barns

    Versatile shelter and storage solutions
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    Storage Barns

    Multipurpose Storage Barns
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    Garages and Garage/Shed Combos
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    Material Options

    Roofing and Finish Material Options

High praise

The single highest honor we receive is your satisfaction in job well done.  Wish to share your journey with Windy Hill Sheds and Barns?

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1517 Susquehnnock Drive
Drumore, PA 17518

P: +1 (717) 284-3803

The best way to contact us is via email.  We return all calls as quickly as possible, most within one day.

For safety and productivity, we can not accept incoming phone calls while on a jobsite.