Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Windy Hill Sheds?

    We are a Central PA based company that has served the East coast for many years. We specialize in all types of horse barns, including large modular barns, pole barns, shed row and run-in barns. In addition, we build storage barns, garages and hay feeders. We are the manufacturer so we are in a position to customize your order.

  • What kind of construction specs do you have?

    Our construction specs and materials are quality whether for our large barns or the smaller buildings. Each photo of a barn in our Gallery has construction specs for that building along with a larger photo. Please click here for construction specifications

  • Are these structures a "one size fits all"?

    No. We have a variety of sizes to choose from and can build a structure to order. Here are some of the options available: different size overhangs, tack and wash rooms, hay storage, insulate and line the tack, full or aisle loft, Dutch doors, chew guards, cupola with weather vane, rubber mats and stone dust, concrete center aisle, enclosed stairs to loft and different designs of doors and windows.

  • What about your Hay Feeders?

    Our hay feeders are side gate designed to allow big bale loading. We have 6x6 and 6x10 feeders. They are trouble-free and offer safe, easy feeder moving with less waste. We also have an economy version and kits available for all sizes.

  • Can you build my “dream” or is custom more expensive?

    We manufacture all of our structures and most of our contracts are “custom”. So, there would be no extra charges for custom work other than the expense of the options selected. We will be happy to give you a quote for custom options you are considering. For our large barns, we can build from directly on site but most of our customers really like the modular sections built in the shop containing the stalls, tack and wash room that are then assembled with the roof and overhang on the property. Much faster than starting from scratch. See our article on assembling a modular large barn in the Highlights section. As we are the manufacturer, there is no middle man, so we try to pass the savings on to you.

  • Site Preparation and Delivery
  • Are there companies you recommend?

    The links below are third party websites.

    They feature information related to the barn and shed construction or the photography you have perused here at Windy Hill Sheds.

    We thank you for coming to see our selction of barns, sheds, garages, storage buildings and run-in equine shelters.


  • What if my question is not answered here?

    Drop us a line via our contact page or send us an email to We answer all inquires within 24 hours and do our best to find solutions to your project's individual needs.

Frequently asked questions about Windy Hill Sheds and Barns.

What about delivery?

Unless you have a level concrete pad already in place, you can prepare the level site with 6 inches of crushed stone with the area sized 2 feet larger than the size of the building. A 10x20 building would need a stone base of 12x22.

Our delivery will be pre-arranged and are made on Monday thru Friday. Delivery cost will depend on what is being shipped and to what location. That will be a part of your original quote. Anything over 12’ wide will require a pilot car. Therefore, it will be more expensive to ship than a 10’ building. Overhangs over four feet need to be finished on site as they cannot be shipped attached.

Any building longer than 36 feet will be set in place with a 60-foot truck and trailer combination. We need enough room to back straight onto your prepared site and enough room to pull straight out. Any building under 36’ can be set in place by a four-wheel pick-up truck with trailer. We still need 40 to 50 feet, depending on the building size to pull straight out. In all cases, we would need adequate height clearance, sometimes up to 14 feet.

Please have the site prepared before driver gets there. (drivers do not prepare sites)

A shed from Windy Hill Sheds is delivered via semi-truck.

* Overhangs need to be finished on the job as they cannot be shipped attached.