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  • 6x10 Big Bale Feeder, Economy Assembled

    6x10 Big Bale Feeder, Economy Assembled

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6x10 Economy Assembled Big Bale Feeder

Construction Specifications:
Two-foot roof overhang
Our feeders have side gates.
Made from quality oak & pine.
Powder coated metal racks in the
     deluxe assembled model.
     Not included in economy style.
Wood sides are 18” high
      with chew guards.
Wood gate has a latch.
Shingle roof, choice of color
     Metal roof option is added price
Paint/stain option-assembled only
     for an added price.
     Not an option for kits

Kits are available in all models.
Our kits come with professional
      architectural plans & instructions.
All materials included to build a kit.
Kits can be picked up by customer
     but not in a pickup-need a trailer.
Need a fork lift to unload at your location.
Kit weight is about 1,500-1,800 pounds.
     Economy is about 400 less.
Kits are less expensive to ship,
     Assembled feeders are wide load.
Feeders can be shipped up to three
     in a load for one delivery price,
     depending on size and location.

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