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    12x44 Shed Row Horse Barn with 10' Overhang, 3 Stalls and Tack Room

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    12x44 Shed Row Horse Barn, Stained Wood Siding & Metal Roof - Back View

12x44 Shed Row Horse Barn with 10' Overhang

12'x44' Shed Row Horse Barn
Ten concrete pier foundation footings
Site preparation of 4”stone dust
      leveled and compacted
6”x 6” pressure treated base
4” x 4” oak posts 
2” x 4” oak framing
1” x 10” pine T&G siding
      with clear coat stain
29-gauge metal roof
2” x 8’ rafters, 2’ OC
1⁄2” plywood sheathing
10’ overhang
Two gable vents
Three 12’ x 12’ stalls each with
     one 4’ x 7’ Dutch door and
     one 3’ x 2’ vinyl window/guard
4’ high oak kick board in stalls
Divider between stalls
Grillwork, powder coated black
One 12’ x 8’ tack room, unfinished
     with one 3’ x 2’ vinyl window
     & a 4’ x 7’ wood entry door
30” cupola & copper weathervane
Options Available
29-Gauge Metal Siding
30-Year Shingles
More 3x2 Vinyl Windows
Stone Dust and Stall Mats
Insulate & Line Tack Room

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