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  • 36x60 Overhang with Arched Trim

    36x60 Overhang with Arched Trim

  • 36x60 Horse Pole Barn

    36x60 Horse Pole Barn

  • Cupola & Copper Weathervane

    Cupola & Copper Weathervane

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10' Overhang Arched Trim in Horse Pole Barn

Horse Pole Barn Construction
Concrete pier footings  
6x6 pressure treated posts 
Posts are 12’ on center
2x10 SYP header system
2x4 bracing  &  blocking
2x4 ties & purlins, 2' OC
2x8 rafters,  2’ on center 
8/12 pitch on the barn
12" overhang on each gable
Wood soffit & fascia, soffit vented
29-gauge metal insulated roof 
Ridge vent along roof top  
1x10 white pine B&B siding
2 vents, one on each gable
36x36 cupola & weathervane 
10’ overhang with arch trim
Two 12x12 stalls & partitions 
Stall front has drop yoke 
28’ x 60’ loft, open stairs 
Two 12x 9 split slider doors, 
     with 12-lite windows 
Two 4x 3 vinyl windows, 
     one has a guard
One 9-lite entry door 
Nine Dutch-doors, each
      have windows & guards
One loft window, 4x5 slider, 
     double hung, with arch top
4x 6 sliding loft door, 
      with a 6-lite window
Cupola and copper weathervane

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