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  • 12x34 Metal Shed Row Horse Barn with Center Tack

    12x34 Metal Shed Row Horse Barn with Center Tack

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12X34 Metal Shed Row Horse Barn, 6' Center Tack

12'x34' Metal Shed Row Horse Barn
6x6  PT base foundation
6' Center Tack 6"x 6" 
4"X 4" Oak Framing
8' front & 7' back wall
16" Front Overhang
29-Gauge Metal Siding
Siding is two-toned
29-Gauge Metal Roof 
2"x 4" Rafters 16"OC
1/2" Plywood Sheathing
4' High Oak Kickboard
Two Dutch Doors
6' Center Tack Room
Other finish options can be selected.
Choose  shingles and T&G Eastern pine. 
Or a cupola and weathervane.
Or stone dust and rubber mats.
Or more windows. 
Or an overhang. 

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