Dress Up Your Pasture with a Windy Hill Sheds Run-in Horse Barn!

May 18, 2018
12x30 Copper Metal Run-in Horse Barn, Two 12x7 Openings

12X30 Wood Run-in Painted Two-Tone Run-in Horse Barn, Two 10x7 Openings and Shingle Roof

Basic 10x20 Painted Wood Run-in Horse Barn with Shingled Roof, Two 8x7 Openings

Windy Hill Sheds, LLC is a Pennsylvania, Lancaster County barn building manufacturer that specializes in horse barns in many configurations.  Run-ins, Shed Rows, Pole Barns and Large Modular Horse Barns.

Picture your pasture with an attractive shelter for your horses that is available to them at all times in the worse of weather. This company’s run-in horse barns are very practical, made from quality long lasting materials like 29-gauge metal or rough-sawn 1” x 10” pine tongue and groove siding. A shingled roof has 30-year asphalt shingles with 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 SPF roof rafters and plywood sheathing. All our run-ins and shed row horse barns start with oak framing and a pressure treated 6 x 6 base.

Another benefit of run-in horse barns is the low initial expense and minimal upkeep. With their open bays, they are much easier to clean than interior barn stalls. The interior is protected by four foot high oak kick board. In addition, imagine your ease of mind when your horses out to pasture have shelter available to come and go when weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

As the manufacturer, Windy Hill Sheds can customize your run-in horse barn with a tack room or storage area in addition to the openings. They have served equine customers for many years in the eastern states with run-in barns, shed rows, storage barns, garages and large modular  horse barns. 

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