Give Your Horses a Special Gift This Year!

Nov 11, 2009
10x24 Run-in Horse Barn: Metal Roof & Wood Siding, Two 8x7 Openings

12x80 Shed Row Horse Barn, with Overhang - Side View

10X36 Run-in Horse Barn with One Stall & Tack Room. Clear Stain & 29-Gauge Metal Roof. Two 8x7 Openings.

Winter is never easy on animals and Windy Hill Sheds has quality shelters.

One popular option is the standard run-in horse barn shed or shed row horse barn, which give your horses the choice of shelter in bad weather.  The horse barns are quality built to withstand winter weather and protect your horses with a 6’ x 6’ pressure treated lumber foundation and 4’ x 4’ and 2’ x 4’ oak framing.  In addition, they offer 2’ x 4’ SPF rafters and plywood sheathing. Siding is tongue and groove rough-sawn pine board or 29-gauge metal. The roof can be 30-year asphalt shingles or the 29-gauge metal. Interior 4’ high oak kick boards protect the inside. In addition, you can customize with chew guards, an overhang or cupola and weathervane. Or an 8' to 12' overhang.  As a manufacturer of horse barns, Windy Hill can customize a shed to fit your specifications.

Another great option is the shed row horse barn with the same quality construction specs. Standard stall features are one vinyl window with a guard and a Dutch door. Many also include a tack room in the horse barn along with 10' x 10' or 12’ x 12’ stalls.

Windy Hill also offers the 36’ x 36’ large modular horse barns, constructed in sections and delivered to your site where the overhang, roof and inside finish work are completed. Your horses will appreciate spending the winter months in these fine shelters for many years. We also offer these larger horse barns in pole barn construction.

Windy Hill Sheds, a family owned company in Lancaster County, PA, is dedicated to quality custom horse barn construction throughout the East Coast. When work is completed, they stand behind it one hundred percent.