Why Consider an Overhang for Your Horse Barn?

Aug 27, 2019
12' x 80 Shed Row Horse Barn with a 10' Overhang

Example of a Partially Enclosed Overhang in a 12' x 60' Shed Row Horse Barn

Example of a 10' x 20' Run-In Horse Barn with a 4' Overhang

Flowers Hung From a 36' x 60' Pole Barn with a 10' Overhang

The horse barn overhang (or Lean-to as it’s sometimes called) not only improves the look and style of your barn but also protects the siding, doors and windows. The overhang offers up a dry, protected place for the vet or farrier to work or for you to groom your horse or prepare for a ride.

In addition, if you have Dutch doors, your horses can enjoy fresh air while protected from sun and weather.  It also helps keep the outside entrance to the stalls in your horse barn from becoming a muddy mess, especially during the rain and snow seasons. 
Another popular technique is to enclose a portion of the overhang to serve as a tack or feed room or simply as a place to store tools. Windy Hill Sheds has constructed many barns with that option.

We offer an overhang as an option on all our buildings but overhangs are very popular on modular horse barns, pole barns, run-in sheds and shed row horse barns.  A 4’ overhang on a 10’ shed  can be constructed as part of the building and can be shipped that way. A 4’ overhang on a 12’ building has to be finished at the site.

Larger overhangs such as 8’, 10’ and 12’ are constructed separately and delivered with the modular barn sections.  It is then attached to the building and finished on site. Adding an overhang may require some additional foundation work, depending on the size of the building and the overhang.
If you like to dress up your barn with flowers, the overhang makes a perfect place to hang a planter or two.  Also, colorful Adirondack chairs make a comfortable place to sit after a ride or to visit with a friend.