Need to Upgrade Your Pasture Before Winter?

Sep 30, 2019
12'x 20' Metal Run-in Shed

12' x 36' Run-in Shed with Three Openings

Example of Oak Kick Board.

A Combination Horse Shed with Run-in, Tack and Stall.

Your horses need protection out in the pasture before cold weather arrives. But you aren’t ready to tackle that big center aisle barn just yet?  Well, fortunately, we have some good ideas for you to consider that will add value to your pasture facilities. 
One very quick practical option is the Run-in Horse Shed.  A 12’ x 20’ horse run-in shed is a nice space for two average horses. (15 hands)  Our rule of thumb is one opening for each horse as they can be territorial and keep other horses from entering the opening that they claim.  Openings should be at least seven feet high to accommodate all size horses.  We provide 8’ x 7’ entrance openings. A twenty-foot long run-in will have two openings. We like to increase the horse barn length in increments of any combination of 10 and 12 feet for run-in and stall areas.   However, we can build any size that you have in mind. Tack room size can be your choice. 

All sheds should include kickboard of at least four feet high.  Windy Hill Sheds use 4’ high durable oak kick board inside all run-in sheds. Consider the personality of your horses as you plan the shed.  It’s best to go longer rather than deeper if you have to make it more cost effective.  However, sheds that are 12 feet deep instead of 10 feet offer better protection. As does adding an overhang.

Be sure to consider placement of your horse shed in the pasture and preparing the ground ahead of delivery. It should be level and prepared with 6” deep of crushed stone that should be two feet wider all around than the size of the run-in.  See the FAQ’s on the website for more detail in preparation.
Don’t forget it’s possible to build a run-in horse shed with a tack or feed room included. The combination shed makes an inexpensive and practical way to have functional barn space.