What Kind of Barn Do You Need or Dream About? Windy Hill Sheds has several different styles of barn to fit your needs.

Jul 14, 2021
No. 1 is a 10 x 20 Metal Run-in Shed. It's economical for weather protection in the pasture.

No 2 is a 12 x 60 Shed row horse barn. Very practical with the overhang in addition to a tack and hay storage.

No. 3 is a 12 x 60 shed row with partially enclosed overhang. A practical way to achieve inside space.

No. 4 is a 36 x 36 Modular Horse Barn. The quickest way to build a barn without sacrificing quality.

No. 5 is a 42 x 88 Custom Horse Barn. Many custom details were a part of this design built from scratch on the site.

If you need protection out in the pasture for your horses, Windy Hill Sheds has Run-in Sheds that work well for that.  No. 1 is a 10 x 20  metal but it can be wood with a metal or shingle roof.  Or you can customize with a stall or tack room.

Windy Hill Sheds sells many Shed Row horse barns where the stalls are under one roof with no center aisle. This is an economical way to provide stall housing for your horses. The shed row can be customized with a tack or hay storage and an 8’-12’ overhang to have a place for grooming.  No. 2 is a 12 x 80 shed row with six stalls, a tack and hay storage room and a 10’ overhang.

Barn No. 3 is also a shed row but it has a partially enclosed overhang to create more inside space.  It is 12 x 60 with a 12’ overhang.

We offer Custom Horse Barns and Modular barns. The modular is constructed in a controlled environment in two large sections to be delivered and assembled with the roof, by a crew on site. This construction technique allows Windy Hill Sheds to complete the barn in a fraction of the time. Therefore, less expense for you! No. 4, a 36 x 36 modular horse barn has a 10’ overhang, tack, feed room and wash stall.

Customers often like to see their Custom Horse Barn go up on the site to watch its progress and participate in any changes that are decided upon.  No. 5 was custom built on site and is 42 x 88.  It has three overhangs, tack room, bathroom, wash stall, feed room and eight 14 x 14 stalls.  See it on our website for construction details. Windy Hill Sheds is happy to do custom work or help you design your barn so your dream comes alive.